Nisarg Upadhyay
View memory optimized data

Managing memory-optimized file groups of SQL Database

August 17, 2022 by

This article explains how to manage a memory-optimized filegroup of SQL Database. The memory-optimized filegroup contains the memory-optimized tables and table variables. I have written two articles that explain how we can migrate the disk-based tables to memory-optimized tables. Now, we will learn how to add memory-optimized filegroups in a SQL database. I will cover the following topics in the article.

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Aveek Das
Running the PgAdmin4 web application

Getting started with PostgreSQL on Docker

August 12, 2022 by

In this article, we will learn how to get started using PostgreSQL on Docker. PostgreSQL is one of the most popular open-source databases that is being used by a lot of developers. It is highly stable and has a large community that maintains and supports the database development lifecycle. PostgreSQL can be installed on any operating system like Windows, macOS, and Linux. With the rise in containerization technologies, PostgreSQL can now also be installed using Docker.

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Rajendra Gupta
Configured SQL Job

SQLPackage utility to export Azure SQL Databases

August 1, 2022 by

Azure SQL Database does not support native database backups. Therefore, you cannot use it to move from the Azure cloud to on-premises SQL Server. You can use the data-tier application BACPAC file format for exporting database schema and data from the Azure database. This BACPAC file is helpful to deploy on an Azure SQL Database, Managed Instance, and on-premises SQL Server.

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Manvendra Singh
Create a stored procedure

Managing Cosmos DB using Azure storage explorer

July 29, 2022 by

This article will explain how to perform various activities for Azure cosmos DB using Azure storage explorer. The storage explorer is a very useful desktop utility that helps admins to manage Azure storage without accessing the Azure portal. We can also connect to Azure Cosmos DB accounts using this tool but this feature will be deprecated in the future. As of now, it is supported so I decided to explore it for cosmos DB activities.

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Manvendra Singh
Change metric namespace

Enable Azure Storage diagnostics – Storage Metrics and Storage logging

July 25, 2022 by

Azure storage is a core cloud storage service that is used by almost all application or database deployments. We use it in SQL Server for various requirements like for backing up our databases directly to blob storage or some clients prefer to host their databases in Azure blob storage to leverage snapshot backups functionality. Today, I will explore how to monitor and troubleshoot blob storage issues in the Azure cloud by looking into storage metrics and storage logging features of Azure storage. We can configure or enable both configurations to view graphs and visualize their metrics like how storage is performing in the Azure cloud during each transaction. We will be discussing two storage diagnostics features Storage Metrics and Storage Logging which are extensively used to identify a storage problem in the Azure cloud.

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Manvendra Singh
Choose right size of Azure disk storage

Choosing optimal Azure disk storage for SQL Server running on Azure VMs

July 6, 2022 by

This article will explore various Azure disk storage available for SQL Server workload running on Azure virtual machines. Suppose you have been tasked to migrate your on-premises SQL Server workload to the Azure cloud. Your client does not want significant change in architecture so you have decided to migrate with IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) approach where SQL Server will be running on Azure virtual machines.

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