BI performance counter: Cleaner Memory KB

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This performance counter relates to the measurement of Analysis Services internal server memory. It monitors the total amount of memory, in kilobytes (KB), known to the background cleaner.

The total amount of memory refers to both shrinkable and non-shrinkable categories of Analysis Services internal server memory. Whilst shrinkable memory can easily be reduced and returned back to the operating system, non-shrinkable memory is not easily reduced as it is generally used for more essential system-related activities such as memory allocators and metadata objects.

Resolved by

DBAs, Server administrators, BI developers

Suggested solutions

  1. Install latest SQL Server service packs
  2. Monitor your memory usage using DMVs
  3. Add more physical memory to the computer
  4. Consider changing the value of “LimitSystemFileCacheSizeMB” property according to your RAM requirements

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