BI performance counter: Private Bytes

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This performance counter measures the actual amount of physical memory currently allocated to the integration services. This memory block cannot be shared with any other processes.

The value of this performance counter is measured in bytes and is usually high. The value is reset back to zero whenever the integration server service is restarted.

Resolved by

DBAs, Server administrators, ETL developers

Suggested solutions

  1. Add more physical memory to the computer
  2. Reduce the number of parallel SSIS package execution
  3. Exit applications that consume lots of memory when you run the SSIS 2008 package that contains dataflow tasks
  4. When you run the SSIS 2008 package, set the Maximum server memory option for the SQL Server 2008 instance to a smaller value. This behavior increases available memory
  5. Run the SSIS 2008 package on a computer that is not running an instance of SQL Server

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