BI performance counter: Memory Pressure State

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SSRS response to request from client application can be affected by the available memory in the server. This performance counter gives you an indication of current memory state.

Current memory state value can be in a range of 1 to 5, whereby 1: no memory pressure; 2: low memory pressure; 3: medium memory pressure; 4: high memory pressure; 5: exceeded memory pressure limit.

Applications that are likely to be affected by current memory state includes Report Manager portal, Report Server Web Service and automated background processes such as sending out of report subscriptions and database maintenance.

Resolved by

DBAs, Server administrators, System administrators, Web administrators

Suggested solutions

  1. Failed allocate pages: FAIL_PAGE_ALLOCATION 2 indicates OutOfMemory error
  2. Consider setting WorkingSetMaximum property in the RSReportServer.config file
  3. In order to see NotifyMemoryPressure items in the Reporting Services Trace Log, consider setting the log to Verbose
  4. If you are running subscriptions, consider offloading them to a separate server from on demand report requests

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