BI performance counter: Total NON EMPTY for calculated members

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This performance counter relates to the measurement of Analysis Services MDX calculations. NON EMPTY keyword can be used in MDX expression to exclude empty cells from a resultset. This performance counter monitors the total number of times a NON EMPTY keyword looped over calculated members.

Calculated members are members of a dimension or a measure group that are defined based on a combination of cube data, arithmetic operators, numbers, and functions. When you specify one or more measures in the Non-empty behavior list of a calculated member, Analysis Services treats the calculated member as empty if all the specified measures are empty

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DBAs, Server administrators, BI developers

Suggested solutions

  1. Consider optimizing your MDX calculations
  2. Understand the differences between NON EMPTY keyword and NONEMPTY function
  3. Use SQL Server Profiler to monitor query definitions
  4. Use NON EMPTY while building axes or named sets instead of inside calculations whereby it will be referenced on every cell

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