BI performance counter: Avg. Disk Bytes/Write

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Operating System


Displays the average size in bytes of read operations on the volume. This counter can be used in conjunction with Avg. Disk Sec/Read to determine the average read throughput of the volume. This counter can be used to form a baseline of storage usage. There is no rule of thumb for this counter as acceptable throughput is determined by workload and the level of storage available. If storage is utilized too frequently you can use the Suggested Solutions below to reduce it.

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Suggested solutions

  1. Add additional memory
  2. Increase the max memory allocation
  3. Upgrade storage
  4. Indexing, look for high (modification) IO queries
  5. Make sure partitions are aligned correctly
  6. Indexing, remove any unused indexes
  7. Data page compression if CPU usage doesn’t suffer

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