SQL Server training

This one-stop SQL page is a complete tutorial for both beginners and advanced SQL users to help them learn and enhance their SQL Server skills.

SQL Server Basics

This is an index of links that organize and catalog basic topics in SQL Server like a particular operation or data type. The topic categories include DDL and DML operations, datatypes and expressions. Learn more

Learn SQL

This is an index to an extensive series of tutorials for learning SQL Server by Emil Drkusic covering a variety of fundamentals. Learn more

Series articles

The following are a list of series topics. Each series has multiple articles that cover a specific SQL Server related topic, all written by the same author. Several of these series have 10 or more articles.

Accelerated Database Recovery (ADR) (2)
Azure Cosmos DB (4)
Azure costs (8)
Azure SQL Database (5)
Backup and restore (23)
Columnstore Indexes (3)
Constraints (2)
CTE (Common Table Expressions) (4)
Database checkpoints (2)
dbatools (11)
DevSecOps (2)
Execution Plans (11)
In-Memory monitoring (2)
Indexes (12)
Learn SQL (30)
Linux (6)
Linux commands for SQL DBAs (2)
PolyBase (5)
PowerBI Desktop (13)
PowerShell for Azure Cosmos DB (5)
Python and SQL Server (8)
SET statements (2)
SQL command line (sqlcmd) (2)
SQL Server Audit (11)
SQL Server DevOps tools (6)
SQL Server Merge Replication (7)
SQL Server monitoring tools (3)
SQL Server PowerShell tools (3)
SQL Server Replication (14)
SQL unit testing (8)
SSRS subscriptions (2)
SSIS features face-to-face (10)
Transaction log (11)
Working with PowerShell’s Invoke-SqlCmd (2)

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