BI performance counter: Logon Successes Total

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This counter measures the number of successful logon attempts authenticated using RSWindowsNegotiate, RSWindowsNTLM, RSWindowsKerberos, and RSWindowsBasic authentication types.

When custom authentication is used in SSRS to handle additional authentication schemes then the value of the counter will always be set to zero. Another reason for having the counter value set to zero could be that the service was recently restarted.

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DBAs, Network administrators, System administrators, Web administrators, Report developers

Suggested solutions

  1. Consider restarting your Report Server service after changing authentication type
  2. Incorrect configuration of Kerberos authentication may lead to HTTP status 401 unauthorized
  3. To verify configured authentication types, check the element in the RSReportServer.config (SSRS) file
  4. Consider changing account running Report Server to use local built-in accoun

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