Milena Petrovic

SQL Server performance monitoring with Data Collector – Part 2 – set-up and usage

February 21, 2014 by
In the previous part of this article, we described SQL Server Data Collector, its features, and pre-defined collection sets. We showed what data is collected and described the mechanisms used to collect, store, and purge the saved records. In this part, we will give detailed steps to provide all necessary pre-requests and set up Data Collector Read more »
Milena Petrovic

SQL Server performance basics

February 19, 2014 by
Monitoring is recommended in dynamic environments. When it comes to SQL Server – users, DBAs, and the system itself are performing events constantly – changing data and database structure, user privileges, etc. SQL Server can manage automatically all these requests, but its self-tuning doesn’t provide best results, and additional monitoring and manual tuning can provide better performance Read more »