update multiple data fields

Getting started with the SQL UPDATE syntax

December 22, 2021 by

This article will help you understand the SQL UPDATE syntax used in SQL Server. Microsoft SQL Server is a database system that is used to store various types of data which is logically arranged in form of tables, columns, and rows. As businesses need changes or new requirements come, we need to modify this data […]

Verify default data paths

Store SQL Server files in Persistent Storage for Azure Container Instances

December 10, 2021 by

In the articles, Deploying Azure Container Instances for SQL Server 2019 and Create Azure Container Instances for SQL Server 2019 using Azure CLI, we explored Azure Container Instances for SQL Server on Linux. These containers are stateless. Therefore, if you stop or restart container instances, you lost your data. Suppose, being a developer, you created […]

Restore Azure SQL database

How to restore an Azure SQL Database

November 30, 2021 by

I will explain how to restore an Azure SQL database in case you need to recover some data, or somebody has deleted your database in this article. Databases restore is the common activity a DBA performs in his day-to-day activities to meet various business requirements. We should also perform regular restores to ensure our backups […]

Exploring a SQL log with a SQL Server logs reading tool

Go LSN in SQL Server

November 25, 2021 by

Introduction If you are reading this article is because you read about the SQL Server transaction log and you want to go to the LSN to restore information. This article will explain what is the LSN and show some tables, views, and system functions used to retrieve LSN information. We will also learn how to […]

SQL commands in SQL Server

November 22, 2021 by

Introduction If you are here, it means that you want to learn the SQL commands. This article applies to SQL Server especially, but most of the theory is similar to Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, and other databases. The SQL commands are instructions that we send to the database to get information, manipulate the information or […]

sysprocesses details for BACKUP DATABASE statement after encryption

Performance impact analysis of enabling Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) on SQL Server

October 14, 2021 by

Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) encrypts database files to secure your data. It also encrypts the tempdb database to secure your data in a temporary space. The process of encryption and decryption adds additional overhead to the database system. Even non-encrypted databases hosted on the same SQL Server instance would have some performance degradation because of […]