SQL code smells rules

August 27, 2019 by

Code APX1086 – Check syntax errors APX1095 – GOTO Usage APX1112 – Semi-colons statement terminator APX1113 – Uninitialized variable APX1114 – Unused parameter APX1123 – SET NOCOUNT OFF Usage APX1131 – Un-closed cursor APX1132 – Cursor not deallocated APX1133 – RAISERROR with severity above 18 missing WITH LOG clause APX1136 – Direct use of Date-Time […]

Screenshot of Query Store fully enabled.

Performance Monitoring via SQL Server Query Store

August 19, 2019 by

SQL Server Query Store is a performance monitoring tool that helps us evaluate the performance of a SQL query in terms of several different performance metrics such as CPU and Memory Consumption, execution time and the I/O cycles consumed by the query. Query store is similar to the windows “Task Manager”. A task manager provides […]