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Frank Solomon
Start the Google Cloud resource creation process.

Build a Google BigQuery Resource

November 12, 2020 by


We can rely on Azure SQL to build reliable, high-quality relational database solutions. In the cloud, Google offers BigQuery as a big data product that has large data capacities, and a standard SQL syntax. Although it can handle data manipulation, it works better as a data warehouse product because of certain product limitations. If we can integrate these products, they become even more useful. This two-part article will show how to link these products together. Part one here will show how to build a BigQuery resource, and then build a Google OAuth refresh token, or security key. Part two will show how to set up an Azure SQL data resource, and build, configure, and test the Azure Data Factory that will link those resources.

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Rajendra Gupta
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Develop your extensions for Azure Data Studio

October 20, 2020 by

Azure Data Studio (ADS) is a popular cross-platform (Windows, Linux) tool for database professionals. It provides various useful features such as T-SQL editor, Visualizations, insights, Peek definitions, Notebooks, Git integration, extensions and more. Extensions add new functionality in the ADS. Microsoft provides several useful extensions. We have already covered few useful extensions in the Azure Data Studio category on SQLShack.

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Rajendra Gupta
Synchronization between Git and GitHub repositories

Integrating Azure Data Studio with Git and GitHub

July 3, 2020 by

In the last article, Source Control using Git in Azure Data Studio (ADS), we explored the following topics:

  • The requirement of Source control for SQL scripts
  • Git installation on Windows
  • Integrate Git in Azure Data Studio
  • Create Git repository, add SQL scripts, modify files, commit into source control
  • View different versions using the Git timelines

In this article, we will take a step forward and integrate Git installed locally on the GitHub.

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Rajendra Gupta
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Server and Database dashboards in Azure Data Studio

May 14, 2020 by

Azure Data Studio (ADS) is an integrated, lightweight database development for supporting both on-premises and cloud databases. It can be installed on Windows as well as Linux operating system. I am assuming you are familiar with the SQL Server Management Studio. If you work on Linux based SQL Server instance, you can install only ADS in those systems. We can use integrated terminals to execute the PowerShell and Terminal sessions for the Linux system.

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