Rajendra Gupta

Rajendra Gupta
Upload the backup file in the AWS S3 bucket

Migrating your on-premises SQL databases to AWS RDS SQL Server using AWS DMS

January 25, 2021 by

There are multiple ways to deploy the databases in the AWS RDS SQL Server. Suppose you want to migrate your on-premises SQL Server database to AWS managed relational database service and you have a critical application and require minimal (almost zero) downtime. For this purpose, you can use the AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS) in a combination of SQL Server native backups.

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Database Cloning in Amazon Aurora

January 11, 2021 by

Amazon Aurora provides a MySQL and PostgreSQL compatible relation database with performance and feature enhancements over the existing databases. In the previous articles, we discussed the following features. You can refer to ToC at the bottom.

  • Backtrack
  • Global Database
  • Amazon Aurora Serverless

In this article, we will cover fast database cloning and its usage for aurora databases.

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READPAST in the update statements

Explore the SQL query table hint READPAST

November 14, 2020 by

SQL Server creates an optimized execution plan based on the available inputs such as statistics, indexes. By default, it chooses a cost-optimized execution plan and executes the query. Sometimes, we use SQL queries table hints to override the default mechanism. Developers popularly use WITH (NOLOCK) query hint in a Select statement to avoid blocking issues.

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