Hadi Fadlallah

Hadi Fadlallah
Class hierarchy for the data flow engine in EzApi

Biml alternatives: Building SSIS packages programmatically using EzAPI

March 26, 2020 by

In the previously published article, Biml alternatives: Building SSIS packages programmatically using ManagedDTS, we talked about building SSIS packages using the managed object model of the SSIS engine (ManagedDTS). In this article, we will illustrate another Biml alternative, which is the EzApi class library, and we will make a comparison between both technologies.

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The control flow of the package created using ManagedDTS

Biml alternatives: Building SSIS packages programmatically using ManagedDTS

March 25, 2020 by

In the previously published articles in this series, we have explained how to use Biml to create and manage SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) packages. In this article, we will talk about the first alternative of this markup language which is the Integration Services managed object model (ManagedDTS and related assemblies) provided by Microsoft.

In this article, we will first illustrate how to create, save and execute SSIS packages using ManagedDTS in C#, then we will do a small comparison with Biml.

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Adding a new Biml script to the solution

Using Biml scripts to generate SSIS packages

March 13, 2020 by

In the previous article, Converting SSIS packages to Biml scripts, we explained how to convert existing SSIS packages into Biml scripts using Import Packages tool and we mentioned that this could be an efficient way to learn this markup language since it lets the user compare between the well-known SSIS objects found in the package and the correspondent elements in the generated scripts.

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Create SSIS package control flow screenshot

Converting SSIS packages to Biml scripts

March 13, 2020 by

In our previous article, Getting started with Biml, we have explained what Biml is, what are the related tools and resources and how to get started with this technology. In this article, we will explain how to generate scripts from existing SSIS packages by showing all related options. Then, we will analyze the generated script and identify how each object is mentioned in the script.

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connecting to SSAS OLAP cube using SSIS connection manager

Manipulating SSAS OLAP cubes using SSIS

February 12, 2020 by

There are many operations that we may run while working with OLAP cubes such as cube and partitions processing, executing administrative tasks, performing analysis and more… Three query languages that are used to run these operations: multidimensional expressions (MDX), data mining expressions (DMX) and XML for Analysis (XMLA). We can mainly write and execute these queries in SQL Server Management Studio, but many times we need to implement them within a flow that executes other tasks over other services (database engine, file system…)

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the general tab page of the execute sql task

SQL OFFSET FETCH Feature: Loading Large Volumes of Data Using Limited Resources with SSIS

November 14, 2019 by

In this article, we illustrate how to use the OFFSET FETCH feature as a solution for loading large volumes of data from a relational database using a machine with limited memory and preventing an out of memory exception. We describe how to load data in batches to avoid placing a large amount of data into memory.

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This image shows how XML value was sent in one row to the flat file destination that acts as SSIS XML Destination

SSIS XML Destination

October 11, 2019 by

Until now, Microsoft has not included the XML Destination component in SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). Many years ago, this component was requested on the Microsoft connect website, but it was closed as “Won’t fix.” For this reason, many workarounds and third-party components were created. In this article, we’ll talk about these components and some of the popular solutions for exporting data to XML using SSIS.

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