AutoML in Azure Machine Learning

August 10, 2021 by

Introduction In this article, we are going to discuss AutoML in Azure Machine Learning Service. During our previous discussions, we had discussed features of Azure Machine Learning (Classic) and in this article, we are moving our discussion to Azure Machine Learning service.

Cognitive Services - Decision Services - Anomaly Detector

An overview of Azure Cognitive Services

July 26, 2021 by

Microsoft Azure has been a leading cloud service provider over the past few years. In this article, we are going to look into an overview of various cognitive services offered by Azure. In simple English, the word ‘Cognitive’ means to involve in intellectual activities, such as thinking or reasoning. Similarly, Azure Cognitive Services are also […]

System default - 5 PM to 8 AM

Azure SQL Database Maintenance Window

July 7, 2021 by

Azure SQL Database and SQL Managed instance are Microsoft offerings for PaaS SQL Server in cloud infrastructure. In the case of a traditional on-premises SQL Server, at certain times, we require database system downtime to perform specific operations such as hardware upgrades, OS and SQL Server patching. In a critical production database system, it is […]

Request Unit Calculation for NoSQL Azure Cosmos DB

Learn NoSQL in Azure: Diving Deeper into Azure Cosmos DB

June 25, 2021 by

This article is a part of the series – Learn NoSQL in Azure where we explore Azure Cosmos DB as a part of the non-relational database system used widely for a variety of applications. Azure Cosmos DB is a part of Microsoft’s serverless databases on Azure which is highly scalable and distributed across all locations […]

A Kusto query.

Azure Data Explorer and the Kusto Query Language

June 21, 2021 by

Introduction Microsoft Azure Data Explorer handles and analyzes petabyte-masses of structured and unstructured data. In Azure Data Explorer, users lever the Kusto query language (KQL) for their data analysis work. This article, part one of a two-part article, will introduce KQL. This article will also describe a free Microsoft online interactive resource that allows for […]