Esat Erkec
What is pagination in SQL Server?

Pagination in SQL Server

April 14, 2020 by

Pagination is a process that is used to divide a large data into smaller discrete pages, and this process is also known as paging. Pagination is commonly used by web applications and can be seen on Google. When we search for something on Google, it shows the results on the separated page; this is the main idea of the pagination.

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Frank Solomon
Setting the target Directory

How to update the T-SQL Toolbox database

April 6, 2020 by


In an earlier article, Solve Time Zone, GMT, and UTC problems using the T-SQL Toolbox database, I described T-SQL Toolbox, a free, open-source SQL Server database that handles time zone, date, and time calculations in a clean and efficient way. Available here at the CodePlex Archive, and here at GitLab, T-SQL Toolbox relies on time zone and time zone adjustment data in its two tables for many of its own calculations. However, T-SQL Toolbox does not update that data. I built primitive C-Sharp and VB.net applications that extract the latest time zone and time zone adjustment data from the Windows registry, and I discussed those applications in that earlier SQL Shack article. In the article, I explained that we can build SQL Server UPDATE statements with this extracted data, and then update the T-SQL Toolbox tables. This article describes a better approach and a better solution.

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Emil Drkusic
SQL Examples - the data model we'll use in the article

Learn SQL: SQL Query examples

March 31, 2020 by

In the previous article we’ve practiced SQL, and today, we’ll continue with a few more SQL examples. The goal of this article is to start with a fairly simple query and move towards more complex queries. We’ll examine queries you could need at the job interview, but also some you would need in real-life situations. So, buckle up, we’re taking off!

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Esat Erkec
Listing temporary tables in tempdb database

How to drop temp tables in SQL Server

March 23, 2020 by

Temporary tables, also known as temp tables, are widely used by the database administrators and developers. However, it may be necessary to drop the temp table before creating it. It is a common practice to check whether the temporary table exists or not exists. So, we can eliminate the “There is already an object named ‘#temptablename’ in the database” error during the temporary table creation.

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Ahmad Yaseen
Max() function example 7

SQL Server MAX() aggregate function

March 19, 2020 by

SQL Server provides us with several aggregate functions that can be used to perform different types of calculations on a set of values, and return a single value that summarized the input data set. These SQL Server aggregate functions include AVG(), COUNT(), SUM(), MIN() and MAX().

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Jignesh Raiyani
Monitor Transaction Log

Monitor Transaction Log shipping using T-SQL and SSMS

March 10, 2020 by

Database Administrators are vigilant on the backup and restore processes and use the Monitor Transaction log for the same. SQL Server Transaction Log shipping’s prime steps are Transaction Log backup, copy and restore. The answer to solving Disaster Recovery (DR) at the database level can be achieved by SQL Server Transaction Log shipping.

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Bojan Petrovic
An executed CREATE VIEW SQL script showing data returned only for the SELECT statement in SSMS

CREATE VIEW SQL: Modifying views in SQL Server

March 5, 2020 by

In my previous article, we looked at how to use the CREATE VIEW SQL statement to create views. In this one, we are moving on and focusing on how to modify views. We will continue using examples on a sample database and data created in the first write-up so in order to follow along, head over and read the Creating views in SQL Server part before starting with this one.

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