Ahmad Yaseen

Querying remote data sources in SQL Server

June 10, 2016 by

A common activity when writing T-SQL queries is connecting to local databases and processing data directly. But there will be situations in which you need to connect to a remote database that is located in a different instance in the same server or in a different physical server, and process its data in parallel with the local data processing.

SQL Server provides us with four useful methods to connect to the remote database servers, even other database server types, and query its data within your T-SQL statement. In this article, we will discuss these four methods and how to use it to query remote SQL Server databases.

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Sifiso W. Ndlovu

Multiple options to transposing rows into columns

January 4, 2016 by


One of the primary functions of a Business Intelligence team is to enable business users with an understanding of data created and stored by business systems. Understanding the data should give business users an insight into how the business is performing. A typical understanding of data within an insurance industry could relate to measuring the number of claims received vs successfully processed claims. Such data could be stored in source system as per the layout in Table 1:

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