SQL commands

Ahmad Yaseen
Max() function example 7

SQL Server MAX() aggregate function

March 19, 2020 by

SQL Server provides us with several aggregate functions that can be used to perform different types of calculations on a set of values, and return a single value that summarized the input data set. These SQL Server aggregate functions include AVG(), COUNT(), SUM(), MIN() and MAX().

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Bojan Petrovic
An executed CREATE VIEW SQL script showing data returned only for the SELECT statement in SSMS

CREATE VIEW SQL: Modifying views in SQL Server

March 5, 2020 by

In my previous article, we looked at how to use the CREATE VIEW SQL statement to create views. In this one, we are moving on and focusing on how to modify views. We will continue using examples on a sample database and data created in the first write-up so in order to follow along, head over and read the Creating views in SQL Server part before starting with this one.

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Emil Drkusic
The data model we'll use to explain user-defined functions

Learn SQL: User-Defined Functions

February 25, 2020 by

You can create several user-defined objects in a database. One of these is definitely user-defined functions. When used as intended, they are a very powerful tool in databases. In today’s article, we’ll see how to create, change and remove them from the database, as well as how to use them. So, let’s dive into the matter.

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Emil Drkusic

Learn SQL: How to Write a Complex SELECT Query

February 4, 2020 by

In my career, I’ve heard many times, things like “How to write a complex SELECT query?”, “Where to start from?” or “This query looks so complex. How you’ve learned to write such complex queries?”. While I would like to think of myself as of a brilliant mind or genius or add something like “query magician” to my social network profiles, well, writing complex SQL wouldn’t be the only thing required to do that. Therefore, in this article, I’ll try to cover the “magic” behind writing complex SELECT statements.

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Prashanth Jayaram
The trend which proves the SQL is third top used tool

Introduction to SQL

January 29, 2020 by

Today, data is the basis of any business. The world of enterprise computing is the epitome of data-driven businesses. The importance of structured storage of data is unquestionably in the focus. And at this time, with the computing model quickly shifting towards the cloud, and storage costs falling rapidly, enterprises are leveraging data more and more to tune their businesses.

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Emil Drkusic
aggregate functions - the data model we'll use

Learn SQL: Aggregate Functions

January 28, 2020 by

SQL has many cool features and aggregate functions are definitely one of these features, actually functions. While they are not specific to SQL, they are used often. They are part of the SELECT statement, and this allows us to have all benefits of SELECT (joining tables, filtering only rows and columns we need), combined with the power of these functions.

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