SQL commands

Rajendra Gupta
SQL CASE statement


May 9, 2019 by

We use the SQL CHARINDEX function to find the position of a substring or expression in a given string. We might have a character in different positions of a string. SQL CHARINDEX returns the first position and ignores the rest of matching character positions in a string.

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Esat Erkec

SQL Convert Function

January 29, 2019 by

In this article, we will discuss and learn basics and all details about SQL Server data type converting operations and also we will review the SQL CONVERT and TRY_CONVERT built-in functions with various samples. At first, we will explain and clarify syntax of the SQL CONVERT function and then we will learn how can we make data converting process numerical and date/time data types to character data.

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Vitor Montalvão

An introduction to sp_MSforeachtable; run commands iteratively through all tables in a database

August 18, 2017 by


There have always been some undocumented objects in SQL Server that are used internally by Microsoft, but they can be used by anybody that have access to it. One of those objects is a stored procedure called sp_MSforeachtable.

sp_MSforeachtable is a stored procedure that is mostly used to apply a T-SQL command to every table, iteratively, that exists in the current database.

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Prashanth Jayaram

SQL Server Database Recovery Process Internals – database STARTUP Command

February 14, 2017 by

A database recovery process is an essential requirement for database systems, It can be a tedious job and the process of recovery varies on lot of scenarios. The desire to improve recovery results has resulted in various procedures, but understood by few and prone to errors. In this article, I’ll illustrate the impact of stopping the database instance in the middle of a large transaction that was running and discuss several techniques and tools that are available for faster and successful recovery.

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Shawn Melton

Connecting PowerShell to SQL Server – Using a Different Account

January 24, 2017 by


In a previous article on Connecting PowerShell to SQL Server I went over how you use various methods in PowerShell to connect to SQL Server. In those examples though I only touched on using the current user that is running “PowerShell.exe”. In this article I want to pick up and go over how you would use the same methods, but as a different account. I will cover using both Windows Authentication (where supported) and SQL Login authentication.

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