SSIS monitoring

Hadi Fadlallah
This image shows how to add an OLE DB Connection manager from Visual studio

SSIS OLE DB Source: SQL Command vs Table or View

August 22, 2019 by


SQL Server Integration Services provides a wide variety of features that helps developers to build a robust Extract, Transform, and Load process. After many years contributing to SSIS-related tags on, I can say that many developers have some misunderstandings about SSIS features (SSIS OLE DB Source, SSIS Expressions, SQL Server destination …) especially those which are very similar and have some common usability.

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Daniel Tikvicki

SSIS Pipeline performance counters guide

July 14, 2016 by

SSIS Pipeline performance counters

SSIS Pipeline performance counters monitor the processes which are related to the execution of packages and the Data flow engine’s the most crucial feature, the (Data) Pipeline. Their measurements reveal in which way the memory resources are acquired during the execution of the SSIS packages, and also, show the amount of memory used during that events. The proficient monitoring of the SSIS Pipeline memory usage can mitigate the potential issues of memory and data leakage, data transformation interruptions and overall, avoid data integration damage.

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