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My journey to PASS Summit 2016 via SQL Shack

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My name is Ahmad Yaseen and I am a senior SQL Server database administrator at Aramex International Company for more than six years, where I started building my experience in the SQL Server administration field. Being a SQL Server Database administrator in such big company is not that easy, as the difficulties that you may face is not only at the beginning. What makes the DBA job special is that it is a very deep job, in which you will learn new things, have to solve new problems, fall in strange situations and be under pressure every day, but it is an interesting job for me.

I started my SQL Server Administration learning curve very fast, as I am responsible for administrating large number of databases, with huge sizes and distributed all around the world. At the same time I learnt different cultures, Arabic and English several accents by working with different nationalities around the world. My personal abilities include having strong communication and interpersonal skills, the ability to prioritize and to make good sound decisions that benefit the company. I am also a Microsoft Certified Professional.

My experience as SQL Server Database Administrator includes installing, upgrading, configuring, securing, tuning and monitoring SQL Servers using different built-in and third- party tools, in addition to use the different system DMVs. I am familiar with many SQL Server versions starting from SQL Server 2000 and not ending with SQL Server 2016, as I am ready for the new versions to learn and work with. Installing and configuring SSRS, SSIS and SSAS is one of my responsibilities too. The DBA responsibilities don’t stop here, as I am involved also in the databases design, developing, indexing and queries optimization.

To sleep without nightmares, although “Sleep” word is not usually available in the DBA dictionary, especially when you’re a father of two beautiful children, I’ve learned, tested and applied the different types and methods on SQL Server databases backup and restore. In addition to all High Availability and Disaster Recovery technologies, such as SQL Server Replication, Mirroring, Log Shipping, Clustering and Always On Availability Groups, that make our relation with the clients more friendly, by maintaining the minimum interruption or downtime period. I am not the favorite person for the software developers and the information system guys, although personally they all like me, as I used to send them the top CPU, Memory and IO consuming queries, in addition to the ones blocking other queries using the SQL Server Data Collection performance monitoring tool. Not only that, I restrict the resources assigned to their sessions using the SQL Server Resource Governor tool, to give priority to the connections coming from the main systems. Recently, I starts a new challenge in the BI and Big Data Engineering fields beside my main role as SQL Server DBA.

Away from my work, I am interested in writing poems, especially for my lovely wife, reading novels and browsing the internet. Nature is the closest friend for me; green and water that inspire me to relax and write. The small country that I belong to, was born in, studied and grew on its earth, work in its capital Amman; The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Although it is not a rich country and has limited resources, it is the most beautiful and secure place to live in, with many ancient sites that show its history, the modern buildings that draw its present and future. If you are stressed or tired, don’t miss the green parks and the calm beach.

The most important question here is that, how did I achieve that? Before achieving it, how did I start with SQLShack? After reviewing the articles that I published in many blogs, I was contacted to join the SQLShack authors’ community. Rather than keeping my experience for myself, I prefer drawing my experience that I gain from the daily tasks, readings and testing in the shape of articles, in this way, I spread what I faced and learnt to other DBAs around the world. SQLShack is a place that helped me in that. Just you are requested to write a SQL Server article that completely covers a specific subject in the word format, send it to the most cooperative people you may deal with and it will be published after reviewing it well. This simple writing process encouraged me to keep writing for SQLShack, enjoying every minute I spent in preparing for the articles. If anything is missed in the article, a clear detailed reply will be provided from the kindest SQLShack team to help you fix that missing and improve your article.

I wrote more than 21 technical articles for the SQLShack site, in different SQL Server administration and development subjects, including a clear introduction of the article’s subject, the testing scenarios that includes the scripts that are used in these scenarios, the images that show the results, description for each step and explanation for the result. At the end of each article, you will find a conclusion that summarizes the article and useful links that you can visit to read more about the terms that are mentioned within the article.

But how can I evaluate my articles? I should share it. This is what I used to do once I got notified that the article is published, sharing the articles in the social media. In this way I will guarantee that it will reach the highest number of DBAs that can take benefits of it. At the same time I will evaluate that article from the visitors’ likes, comments and shares. I used to share my articles in the Twitter using the most visited SQL Server hashtags, in the Facebook SQL Server groups, in the LinkedIn SQL Server groups, in addition to my personal page. To help the DBA who stuck in a problem that is related to the article’s topic, I search for such questions in the different SQL Server global forums and provides answers to that questions.

From the comments I always receive, the likes, visits and shares counts for my articles, I can improve the way I write and the subjects I choose with time and go ahead with my writing work full of enthusiasm and happiness.

I’ve answered the previous question about how I achieved this. But the question here is that, what did I achieve in addition to this peerless valuable chance of writing and reaching the DBAs around the world? The answer is the reason of this article; I am pronounced as the best author of the year, for 2016, for the SQLShack site, with the highest number of comments, visits and shares for my articles.

Starting from an effective and proactive DBA at the company level, writing with SQLShack gives me the opportunity to be active, effective and proactive without limits. And how SQLShack appreciates me for my achievement? The prize is a free trip, including all expenses (room, travel, registration etc.), to the biggest SQL Server summit in the world, the PASS SUMMIT 2016.

My small words that I gathered together to draw my articles and shared it with the world’s DBA in the best rostrum in the world; the SQLShack , propelled me to my dream; PASS SUMMIT 2016.

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