Top SQL Server bloggers of 2018

August 1, 2018 by

We made a collection of the most popular SQL Server bloggers, including a link to each individual blog. The ranking is based on Alexa global score.

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Pinal Dave
Kris Wenzel
Brent Ozar
Basavaraj Biradar
Manoj Pandey
Anvesh Patel
James Serra
Kenneth Fisher
Nate McMaster
Melissa Coates
Thomas Larock
Kendra Little
Jack Vamvas
Pawan Kumar Khowal
Samir Behara
Grant Fritchey
Mohammad Darab
Joost van Rossum
David Klee
Michael J. Swart
Rob Sewell
Marek Maśko
Sreekanth Bandarla
Max Trinidad
Paul Turley
Dinesh Priyankara
Niko Neugebauer
Daniel Janik
Shane O’Neill
Mike Fal
Drew Furgiuele
Jason Brimhall
Tomaž Kaštrun
Wayne Sheffield
Dan English
Robert L Davis
Joey D’Antoni
David Fowler and Adrian Buckman
Prashanth Jayaram
Visakh Murukesan
Alessandro Alpi
Dan Guzman
Monica Rathbun
Tim Radney
Hemantgiri S Goswami
Mark Vaillancourt
Ajay Dwivedi
Bob Walker
Niels Berglund
Andy Warren
Gajendra Ambi
David Maxwell
Kathi Kellenberger
Allen White

1. Pinal Dave

Bio: Pinal Dave is the co-author of three SQL Server books: ”SQL Server Programming”, “SQL Wait Stats” and “SQL Server Interview Questions and Answers”. In addition to his Master’s Degree in Computer Science, he has over 8 years of experience in the industry. Pinal also has a number of certifications including MCTS, MCDBA, and MCAD (.NET). In the past, he has been working as a Technology Evangelist at Microsoft and as a Senior Consultant at SolidQ. Prior to joining Microsoft he was honored as a Microsoft MVP for three continuous years.
Twitter: @pinaldave
Blog Name: SQLAuthority.com
Alexa Ranking: 33,101
Status: Active
Post frequency: 30 post(s)/month

2. Kris Wenzel

Bio: Kris Wenzel is passionate about helping non-techie people to overcome their fear of learning SQL. He has been working with databases over the past 28 years. He worked as a developer, analyst, and DBA during those times. Kris has a degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Michigan and is passionate about computer systems. He works on solutions involving Combine Tables using Joins, Subqueries, and Set Operators, Common Questions, Common Table Expressions, Data Modeling, Data Modification, Data Types and Functions, Querying, Sorting, Filtering, and Grouping Data and Stored Procedures.
Twitter: @sqlkris
Blog Name: EssentialSQL
Alexa Ranking: 81,340
Status: Active

3. Brent Ozar

Bio: Brent’s areas of specialty are: SQL Server 2017-2008 performance tuning, Cloud-based SQL Servers in Amazon Web Services, Google Compute Engine and Microsoft Azure, SQL Server tuning for hosting firms, Getting developers on the same page as DBAs, SAN, VMware, and SQL admins; Designing high availability and disaster recovery solutions. He has presented his work on many summits like: PASS Summit (ranked in the top 10 for years), Microsoft TechEd, SQL Intersection, SQLbits, SQLCruise, and more.
Twitter: @BrentO
Blog Name: Brent Ozar
Alexa Ranking: 94,594
Status: Active
Post frequency: 8 post(s)/month

4. Basavaraj Biradar

Bio: Basavaraj Biradar holds master’s degree in Computer Applications with gold medals from Gulbarga University, India besides Microsoft Certified Professional Certificate in SQL Server. Basavaraj has rich experience of 15+ years in designing and developing database for complex, large and online systems. Currently, Basavaraj is working as an Architect in a leading IT company.
Blog Name: SqlHints
Alexa Ranking: 145,966
Status: Active
Post frequency: 1 post(s)/month

5. Manoj Pandey

Bio: Manoj has overall 11+ years of IT experience in Database Development, DW/BI Design/Development, Data Modelling, Analysis, Upgrade/Migration, ETL Design/Development, Performance tuning and Administration. Manoj is working mostly with SQL Server, Development and Perf-optimization. He has hands on experience working with Azure SQL DB, Azure Data Factory, Informatica, Power BI, etc. Manoj is currently working at Microsoft India (MSIT) as Software Development Engineer.
Twitter: @manub22
Blog Name: SQL with Manoj
Alexa Ranking: 244,298
Status: Active
Post frequency: 3 post(s)/month

6. Anvesh Patel

Bio: Anvesh Patel is a Database Engineer certified by Oracle and IBM. He is working as a Database Architect, Database Optimizer, Database Administrator, Database Developer.
Twitter: @anveshdbrnd
Blog Name: Database Research & Development
Alexa Ranking: 245,889
Status: Active
Post frequency: 30 post(s)/month

7. James Serra

Bio: James is data warehousing solution architect at Microsoft and SQL Server MVP with over 25 years of IT experience. He works on solutions involving hybrid technologies of relational and non-relational data, Hadoop, MPP, IoT, Data Lake, and private and public cloud. Previously, he was an independent consultant working as a Data Warehouse/Business Intelligence architect and developer.
Twitter: @JamesSerra
Blog Name: James Serra’s Blog
Alexa Ranking: 352,262
Status: Active
Post frequency: 3 post(s)/month

8. Kenneth Fisher

Bio: Kenneth works as a SQL Server Administrator near Dallas Texas. He started working with databases over 20 years ago. Back in the day, he started out working with Foxpro for DOS. Kenneth has been working in SQL Server for over 15 years now with a fairly even split between administration and development.
Twitter: @sqlstudent144
Blog Name: SQL Studies
Alexa Ranking: 455,986
Status: Active
Post frequency: 8 post(s)/month

9. Nate McMaster

Bio: Nate McMaster is a software engineer, which is what his blog and this website are mostly about.
Twitter: @natemcmaster
Blog Name: Nate McMaster
Alexa Ranking: 521,750
Status: Active
Post frequency: 1 post(s)/month

10. Melissa Coates

Bio: Melissa is a Data Platform MVP (formerly a SQL Server MVP before the program categories were restructured). Loves to blog and share knowledge.
Twitter: @SQLChick
Blog Name: SQL Chick
Alexa Ranking: 606,699
Status: Active
Post frequency: 1 post(s)/month

11. Thomas LaRock

Bio: Thomas LaRock is a Microsoft Certified Master, Data Platform MVP, VM Ware Expert, and a former Microsoft Certified Trainer. Has over 20 years experience in the IT industry in various roles such as programmer, developer, analyst, and database administrator. Currently, he is Head Geek for Solarwinds. His specialties are: Database Administration, Database Design and Architecture, Data Security, Data Analytics, Professional Development.
Twitter: @SQLRockstar
Blog Name: Thomas LaRock
Alexa Ranking: 610,689
Status: Active
Post frequency: 15 post(s)/month

12. Kendra Little

Bio: Kendra is Microsoft Certified Master, SQL Server 2008 Speaker and Trainer. She has a few Microsoft MVP Recent Projects: Server Hardware Transplant – She designed a migration plan to move an OLTP database requiring four nines of uptime to new hardware. She was doing Index Bypass Surgery; she showed her client the fragmentation and scalability problems of storing hundreds of gigabytes of frequently updated data in heaps. She coded an indexing change to safely and quickly add clustered indexes with the minimum resources and most flexible change plan.
Twitter: @Kendra_Little
Blog Name: Little Kendra
Alexa Ranking: 785,859
Status: Active
Post frequency: 3 post(s)/month

13. Jack Vamvas

Bio: Jack Vamvas is a full time DBA with in depth experience of DB2 and SQL server. He specializes in Tuning, Optimisation, SQL Programming, database design and is also involved in a full range of database management procedures. He works for a number of Top 100 companies specializing in managing large DB2 and SQL Server environments. He is best in identifying and solving bottlenecks fast.
Twitter: @jackvamvas
Blog Name: SQL Server DBA
Alexa Ranking: 793,820
Status: Active
Post frequency: 8 post(s)/month

14. Pawan Kumar Khowal

Bio: Pawan has around 9 years of IT experience with Microsoft Technologies. Currently he is working with MNC at Gurgaon, as a Technical Head. He is focused on SQL Server, Transact-SQL, SSIS (ETL), SSAS with Tabular Model, and SSRS (Native and SharePoint Mode), Powershell and Big Data within the Microsoft BI stack. Apart from project activities, he likes to do quite a few other things at the organization level like training sessions, mentoring people, knowledge sharing and interviews on SQL and MSBI platform.
Twitter: @pawankkmr
Blog Name: MSBISkills.com
Alexa Ranking: 856,785
Status: Active
Post frequency: 10 post(s)/month

15. Samir Behara

Bio: Samir Behara has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and has been part of the IT Industry since he graduated in 2006. He has worked on large-scale enterprise applications involving complex business functions. Amidst working in a wide range of technologies – both front end and back end, one thing which didn’t change is his love for SQL Server. He is passionate about developing his SQL skills, contributing to the SQL Server community and keeping in pace with the new technologies and advancements. He is the Co-Chapter Lead of the Steel City SQL Server Users Group – which is the Birmingham, AL chapter of PASS.
Twitter: @samirbehara
Blog Name: dotnetvibes
Alexa Ranking: 1,141,944
Status: Active
Post frequency: 3 post(s)/month

16. Grant Fritchey

Bio: Grant has more than twenty years experience in IT working in development and database administration. He works for Red Gate Software as a Product Evangelist. He writes articles for publication at SQL Server Central and Simple-Talk. He is the Author of “SQL Server Execution Plans” and “SQL Server Query Performance Tuning” , co-Author of “Expert Performance Indexing”, “SQL Server MVP Deep Dives 2”, “Beginning SQL Server 2012 Administration” and “Pro SQL Server 2012 Practices”.
Twitter: @GFritchey
Blog Name: ScaryDBA
Alexa Ranking: 1,223,849
Status: Active
Post frequency: 6 post(s)/month

17. Mohammad Darab

Bio: Mohammad Darab is a SQL Server Consultant, speaker and blogger with over 18 years of IT professional experience, 10+ years of that working with SQL Server. He is an MCITP SQL Server 2008, MCP SQL Server 2016 (working towards my MCSE), as well as Security+ certified.
Twitter: @mwdarab
Blog Name: Mohammad Darab
Alexa Ranking: 1,234,515
Status: Active
Post frequency: 2 post(s)/month

18. Joost van Rossum

Bio: Joost van Rossum is a Microsoft Business Intelligence consultant at ilionx with a focus on SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). His blog is for both beginners and the more experienced SSIS developers.
Twitter: @ssisjoost
Blog Name: Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services
Alexa Ranking: 1,390,384
Status: Active
Post frequency: 1 post(s)/month

19. David Klee

Bio: David is a technologist that is lucky enough to have created a job that he enjoys – working in high technology, using cutting-edge technology to make businesses more efficient. He is the Founder and Chief Architect of Heraflux Technologies and travels around the country working with companies on the convergence of data and infrastructure. David regularly contributes to the PASS Virtualization, Performance, and High Availability and Disaster Recovery virtual chapters. David also helps the Maine SQL Server Users Group.
Twitter: @kleegeek
Blog Name: Convergence of Data and Infrastructure
Alexa Ranking: 1,471,396
Status: Active
Post frequency: 2 post(s)/month

20. Michael J. Swart

Bio: Michael is a Database Developer working in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. On top of that, he is also doing Database Administration and Business Intelligence. As a Database Developer, he is working on designing databases and tuning SQL so that an application makes the best use of its database given the hardware that’s available.
Twitter: @MJSwart
Blog Name: Michael J Swart – Database Whisperer
Alexa Ranking: 1,472,057
Status: Active
Post frequency: 2 post(s)/month

21. Rob Sewell

Bio: Rob works with clients to enable automation, SQL Server best practices and Continuous Delivery using PowerShell, Git, VSTS, Jenkins, Octopus Deploy mainly on the Microsoft Azure platform or on-premises. Rob also enables automation of SQL Server database tasks.
Twitter: @sqldbawithbeard
Blog Name: SQL DBA with A Beard
Alexa Ranking: 1,522,109
Status: Active
Post frequency: 5 post(s)/month

22. Marek Maśko

Bio: Marek Maśko is a Principal Database Analyst at Sabre Poland where he supports Flight Planning application developers team and he is Leader of the DBA Team.He is working with SQL Server since 2010 and he is active member of Data Community Poland
Twitter: @MarekMasko
Blog Name: SQLTerritory.com
Alexa Ranking: 1,622,369
Status: Active
Post frequency: 3 post(s)/month

23. Sreekanth Bandarla

Bio: Sreekanth Bandarla is an enthusiastic SQL Server DBA. He has a decent amount of exposure to Microsoft SQL Server 7/2000 and a very solid exposure to SQL Server 2005/2008/2008R2/2012/2014/2016 environments. He became an MCITP – SQL Server 2008 Database Administrator in the year 2010 and achieved MCSA 2012 in year 2014.
Twitter: @mssqltrek
Alexa Ranking: 1,781,542
Status: Active
Post frequency: 1 post(s)/month

24. Max Trinidad

Bio: Max Trinidad is from Puerto Rico, has been working with computers since 1979. Throughout many years, he has worked with SQL Server Technologies, provided support to Windows Servers/Client machines, Microsoft Virtualization Technologies, and build some Visual Studio solutions. Max is a Microsoft PowerShell MVP since 2009 (7 yrs) and MVP SAPIEN Technologies 2015.
Twitter: @MaxTrinidad
Blog Name: Max Trinidad – The PowerShell Front
Alexa Ranking: 1,851,537
Status: Active
Post frequency: 1 post(s)/month

25. Paul Turley

Bio: Paul is Principal Consultant for Intelligent Business LLC, a Mentor and Microsoft Data Platform MVP. He consults, writes, speaks, teaches & blogs about business intelligence and reporting solutions. He works with companies around the world to model data, visualize and deliver critical information to make informed business decisions using the Microsoft data platform and business analytics tools. He is a Director of the Oregon SQL PASS chapter & user group, the author and lead author of “Professional SQL Server 2016 Reporting Services” and 14 other titles from Wrox & Microsoft Press. He holds several certifications including MCSE for the Data Platform and BI.
Twitter: @paul_turley
Blog Name: Paul Turley’s SQL Server BI Blog
Alexa Ranking: 2,038,864
Status: Active
Post frequency: 2 post(s)/month

26. Dinesh Priyankara

Bio: Dinesh Priyankara (MSc IT) is an MVP – Data Platform (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional) in Sri Lanka with 16 years’ experience in various aspects of database technologies including business intelligence. He has done many local and foreign business intelligence implementations and has worked as a subject matter expert on various database and business intelligence related projects
Blog Name: Dinesh’s blog
Alexa Ranking: 2,189,358
Status: Active
Post frequency: 1 post(s)/month

27. Niko Neugebauer

Bio: Niko is a Database architect. His specialties are: Software Design from zero to final product, SQL Server Database Development, SQL Server DBA, DB Development. He is fascinated by the data (big and small) and its analysis. He especially loves working with SQL Server & Azure SQL Database, which have become the main tool for his daily job.
Twitter: @NikoNeugebauer
Blog Name: Niko Neugebauer – SQL Server, Columnstore, Data Platform & Community
Alexa Ranking: 2,481,674
Status: Active
Post frequency: 4 post(s)/month

28. Madhivanan

Bio: Madhivanan is a SQL Server MVP, blogger and SME and Lead Subject Matter Expert
Twitter: @madhivanan2001
Blog Name: Madhivanan’s SQL Blog
Alexa Ranking: 2,538,929
Status: Active
Post frequency: 1 post(s)/month

29. Daniel Janik

Bio: Daniel Janik is an independent consultant in Dallas, TX, focusingon SQL Server, OLTP, SSRS, TSQL, database design, performance, storage, and C#. He has been supporting SQL Server for two decades as a DBA, developer, architect, and consultant. He spent six years at Microsoft Corporation supporting SQL Server as a Senior Premier Field Engineer (PFE) where he supported over 287 different clients with both reactive and proactive database needs. Daniel has spoken at several SQL Saturday events across the US and Caribbean and regularly speaks at PASS local chapters.
Twitter: @SQLSME
Alexa Ranking: 2,795,068
Status: Active
Post frequency: 3 post(s)/month

30. Shane O’Neill

Bio: Shane is a SQL Server DBA and PowerShell enthusiast. He started off as a Software Support Engineer for the leading global supplier of integrated software and vehicle technologies for the waste, recycling and material resources. In June 2018, he became a Production DBA for an Irish Life Sciences validation company.
Twitter: @SOZDBA
Blog Name: No Column Name
Alexa Ranking: 2,790,470
Status: Active
Post frequency: 3 post(s)/month

31. Mike Fal

Bio: Mike Fal is a SQL Server Database Administrator with 10+ years of experience. He is currently employed as a SQL Server database administrator within the healthcare industry. Over his career he has worked in several different industries, mostly on SQL Server, but he has also done some work with Oracle, Netezza, and MySQL.
Twitter: @Mike_Fal
Blog Name: Art of the DBA
Alexa Ranking: 2,985,316
Status: Active
Post frequency: 1 post(s)/month

32. Drew Furgiuele

Bio: Drew is a SQL Server DBA. He loves performance tuning T-SQL queries, automation, SSIS, and PowerShell. He wants to try to be a bigger part of SQL Server community.
Twitter: @Pittfurg
Blog Name: Port 1433
Alexa Ranking: 3,234,911
Status: Active
Post frequency: 1 post(s)/month

33. Jason Brimhall

Bio: Jason is a Microsoft Certified Master in SQL Server. He created scripts to automate database maintenance – and to aid in troubleshooting applications and systems currently in place. Jason provides production support for high availability environments – web and retail stores. Jason supports the following database types: PhotoKiosk, Financial, HIPS, Blackberry, retail items management, Ecommerce, ARx, transportation/delivery, Financial, Patient Management.
Twitter: @sqlrnnr
Blog Name: SQL RNNR
Alexa Ranking: 3,259,534
Status: Active
Post frequency: 3 post(s)/month

34. Tomaž Kaštrun

Bio: Tomaž Kaštrun is a BI / DEV developer and data analyst with more than 15 years of experiences in the field of databases, business warehouses and development, with focus on T-SQL programming and query optimization. Besides BI development, his focus is also data mining, statistics and research. He has been working with Microsoft SQL Server since version 2000. He is also a Microsoft Certified Professional, Microsoft trainer and Microsoft Data Platform MVP.
Twitter: @tomaz_sql
Alexa Ranking: 3,325,930
Status: Active
Post frequency: 2 post(s)/month

35. Wayne Sheffield

Bio: Wayne is a co-founder of Database Masters, Microsoft Certified Master, a Data Platform MVP, co-author of two books (SQL Server 2012 T-SQL Recipes and SQL Server T-SQL Recipes), a Group Leader of the Richmond (VA) SQL Server User Group and organizer of the Richmond SQL Saturdays. He started working with SQL Server with version 6.5 in 1998, and focuses on query performance improvement in SQL Server.
Twitter: @DBAWayne
Blog Name: Wayne Sheffield
Alexa Ranking: 3,575,232
Status: Active
Post frequency: 1 post(s)/month

36. Dan English

Bio: Dan is the Group Leader for the PASS Business Analytics Virtual Group and the Director of Technology for the PASSMN SQL Server User Group. He is a Business Intelligence Architect and Community Leader with a strong passion for Microsoft technologies.
Twitter: @denglishbi
Blog Name: Dan English’s BI Blog
Alexa Ranking: 3,752,000
Status: Active
Post frequency: 1 post(s)/month

37. Robert L Davis

Bio: Robert L Davis is a SQL Server Certified Master, Data Platform MVP, and has spent 17+ years honing his skills in security, performance tuning, SQL development, high availability, and disaster recovery. He served as PM for the SQL Server Certified Master Program at Microsoft Learning, and in various roles at Microsoft specializing in SQL Server administration, development, and architecture.
Twitter: @SQLSoldier
Blog Name: SQLSoldier
Alexa Ranking: 3,824,634
Status: In active

38. Joey D’Antoni

Bio: Joey loves working with technology and sharing his knowledge with others about it. He is working with a lot of technologies, but these are where his focus has been in recent years: Microsoft SQL Server (particularly high availability and disaster recovery); VMWare Virtualization; Oracle; Microsoft Clustering; Red Hat Linux.
Twitter: @jdanton
Blog Name: The SQL Herald
Alexa Ranking: 3,998,598
Status: Active
Post frequency: 2 post(s)/month

39. David Fowler and Adrian Buckman

Bio: David Fowler and Adrian Buckman, are two database nerds who love nothing more than to spend their time reading, researching and sharing all things about SQL Server.
Twitter: @SQL_Undercover
Blog Name: SQL Undercover
Alexa Ranking: 4,383,519
Status: Active
Post frequency: 3 post(s)/month

40. Prashanth Jayaram

Bio: Prashanth is a DB Technologist, author, blogger, service delivery manager at CTS, automation expert, Technet WIKI ninja, MVB and powershell geek.
Twitter: @Prashantjayaram
Blog Name: SQL Powershell Blog
Alexa Ranking: 4,495,647
Status: Active
Post frequency: 2 post(s)/month

41. Visakh Murukesan

Bio: Visakh is a Microsoft Most Valuble Professional(MVP) 2010-2018, MicroSoft Certified Technical Specialist (MCTS) in SQL Server 2005 and MicroSoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) in SQL Server 2008 Business Intelligence
Blog Name: VM Blogs
Alexa Ranking: 4,582,939
Status: Active
Post frequency: 2 post(s)/month

42. Alessandro Alpi

Bio: Alessandro Alpi worked in the IT area as a developer since 2000 to 2005 and as a DBA/DBDeveloper/.net Developer since 2005. He worked as a web solutions developer, windows application and services developer with languages C# and VBNet. In the recent years, however, he began studying the data layer, using SQL Server deeply.
Twitter: @suxstellino
Blog Name: Alessandro Alpi’s Blog
Alexa Ranking: 4,631,681
Status: Active
Post frequency: 3 post(s)/month

43. Dan Guzman

Bio: Dan Guzman has over 30 years of experience as Database Administrator/Developer/Architect, specializing in Microsoft SQL Server for the last 2 decades. Dan has been using Microsoft SQL Server since version 4.21 was introduced on the Windows 3.1 Advanced Server platform. He is an active SQL Server community member and a Microsoft Data Platform MVP since 2001.
Twitter: @guzmanda
Blog Name: Dan Guzman’s blog
Alexa Ranking: 4,814,594
Status: Active
Post frequency: 1 per year

44. Monica Rathbun

Bio: Monica is a Consultant for Denny Cherry and Associates Consulting living in Virginia and a Microsoft MVP for Data Platform. Monica has over 15 years of experience working with a wide variety of database platforms with a focus on SQL Server. Monica is a frequent speaker at IT industry conferences on topics including performance tuning and configuration management.
Twitter: @sqlespresso
Blog Name: SQL Espresso
Alexa Ranking: 4,906,760
Status: Active
Post frequency: 3 post(s)/month

45. Tim Radney

Bio: Tim is a Principal Consultant with SQLskills. He has worked with SQL Server for the past 20 years. Tim is a SQL Server MVP and has a whole collection of Microsoft and other industry certifications. His experience includes HA/DR, virtualization, SSIS, SSRS, and performance tuning, among everything else SQL Server-related.
Twitter: @tradney
Blog Name: Database Professional
Alexa Ranking: 5,586,917
Status: Active
Post frequency: 1 post(s)/month

46. Hemantgiri S Goswami

Bio: Hemantgiri is a SQL Server consultant, blogger, mentor and SQLPASS Chapter lead.
Twitter: @hemantgirig
Blog Name: SQL Server Citation
Alexa Ranking: 5,629,948
Status: Active
Post frequency: 2 post(s)/month

47. Mark Vaillancourt

Bio: Mark is a Data Solution Architect at Microsoft. He started working with SQL Server in 2007 as a consultant. He is now focused on data solutions in Microsoft Azure.
Twitter: @markvsql
Blog Name: Mark V. SQL
Alexa Ranking: 6,080,185
Status: Active
Post frequency: 1 post(s)/month

48. Bill

Bio: Bill is a member of SQL PASS, a SQL Server MVP and the organizer of the Kansas City SQL Saturday.He has traveled the country bringing the good news of SQL Server to the masses.
Blog Name: World of Whatever
Alexa Ranking: 6,360,851
Status: Active
Post frequency: 1 post(s)/month

49. Ajay Dwivedi

Bio: Ajay Dwivedi is a Microsoft Certified Professional having 7+ years of experience in SQL Server Querying, Database Design and Administration. He has experience of implementing end-to-end Data Warehouse solution, and Data Migration using ETL tools SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), Pentaho Business Analytics etc.
Blog Name: Ajay Dwivedi’s SQL Server Blog
Alexa Ranking: 6,476,908
Status: Active
Post frequency: 3 post(s)/month

50. Bob Walker

Bio: Bob loves Software Development. He is currently working as Principal Software Architect at Election Systems & Software. His blog is place where he can write about the lessons he has learned as well as to show off some of the new code he has been working on.
Twitter: @codeapertureio
Blog Name: Code Aperture
Alexa Ranking: 6,620,646
Status: Active
Post frequency: 1 post(s)/month

51. Niels Berglund

Bio: Niels Berglund is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP (Most Valuable Professional). Having worked with SQL Server since it shared codebase with Sybase, his main technology interest is databases in general and SQL Server specifically. He is also very interested in message based applications, distributed and concurrent systems.
Twitter: @nielsberglund
Blog Name: Niels Berglund
Alexa Ranking: 6,944,498
Status: Active
Post frequency: 5 post(s)/month

52. Andy Warren

Bio: Andy Warren is currently a SQL Server trainer with End to End Training. Over the past few years he has been a developer, DBA, and IT Director. He was one of the original founders of SQLServerCentral.com and helped grow that community from zero to about 300k members before deciding to move on to other ventures.
Twitter: @sqlandy
Blog Name: SQL Andy
Alexa Ranking: 8,364,584
Status: Active
Post frequency: 4 post(s)/month

53. Gajendra Ambi

Bio: Gajendra Ambi is a passionate IT Professional with an endless fetish for innovative Science & Technology.
Twitter: @MrAmbiG1
Blog Name: My techdirt
Alexa Ranking: 8,774,664
Status: Active
Post frequency: 2 post(s)/month

54. David Maxwell

Bio: David Maxwell is a Microsoft Data Platform professional in Columbus, OH. This blog is geared solely towards SQL Server with maybe a little Azure thrown in there.
Twitter: @dmmaxwell
Blog Name: David Maxwell on SQL Server
Alexa Ranking: 10,087,279
Status: Active
Post frequency: 1 post(s)/month

55. Kathi Kellenberger

Bio: After graduating in 2004, she decided to start writing, presenting, and teaching. Focusing on SQL Server and databases after spending time as a developer proved to be very advantageous for her. Kathi loves automating data integration and using tools such as scripting and SSIS to move and transform data.
Twitter: @auntkathi
Blog Name: Aunt Kathi’s SQL Server
Alexa Ranking: 11,103,075
Status: Active
Post frequency: 1 post(s)/month

56. Allen White

Bio: Allen’s been both a developer and an administrator so he understands both perspectives towards database technology. He loves sharing his experiences and helping people learn how to use SQL Server. Allen has spent over 40 years in IT and has been using SQL Server since 1992. He is certified MCITP in SQL Server and MCT. Allen has been awarded Microsoft’s MVP Award for the last eleven years, and has been a Director on the PASS Board since January 2016.
Twitter: @SQLRunr
Blog Name: Allen White SQL Server Performance and Automation Blog
Alexa Ranking: 18,608,982
Status: Active
Post frequency: 1 post(s)/month

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