Top 50 PowerShell bloggers of 2018

August 31, 2018 by

We made a collection of the most popular PowerShell bloggers, including a link to each individual blog. The ranking is based on Alexa global score.

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Charlie Russel
Kevin Marquette
Patrick Grünauer
Mike F Robbins
Boe Prox
Carlos Perez
Chrissy LeMaire
Stephanos Constantinou
Jonathan Medd
Warren F.
Richard Siddaway
Jeffery Hicks
Lee Holmes
Luc Dekens
Mick Pletcher
Emin Atac
Steve Parankewich
Tao Yang
David Christian
Thomas Rayner
Mark Wragg
Chris Goosen
François-Xavier Cat
Prashanth Jayaram
Fredrik Wall
Jason Yoder
Stéphane van Gulick
Mike Shepard
Don Jones
Max Trinidad
Rob Sewell
Robert van den Nieuwendijk
Thom Schumacher
Tommy Maynard
Simon Wahlin
Prateek Singh
Rob Pleau
Roman Gelman
Fabrice Zerrouki
Ravikanth Changanti
Deepak Singh Dhami
Tim Curwick
Brandon Olin
Brian Bunke
Irwin Strachan
Mark Kraus
Doug Finke
Mike Kanakos
Jeremy Murrah
Graham Beer
David das Neves

1. Charlie Russel

Blogger Bio: Charlie is a teacher at the University of British Columbia’s Network Systems and Security Professional program, and the proud recipient of the Microsoft MVP Award from 2002-2017. He has written more than 3 dozen computer books on operating systems and enterprise environments, including Deploying and Managing Active Directory with Windows PowerShell (MS Press), ExamRef 70-411 (MSPress), Working with Windows Small Business Server 2011 Essentials (MS Press), and Windows Small Business Server 2011 Administrator’s Companion (MS Press).
Blog NameCharlie Russel’s Blog
Alexa Ranking: 116,239
Status: Active
Post frequency: 2 post(s)/month

2. Kevin Marquette

Blogger Bio: Kevin is a Sr. DevOps Engineer, Microsoft MVP, 2018 PowerShell Hero, and SoCal PowerShell User Group Organizer. He has been passionate about PowerShell for a very long time. He enjoys learning about PowerShell and sharing the things that he discovers.
Blog NameKevin Marquette on PowerShell Theory
Alexa Ranking: 248,113
Status: Active
Post frequency: 2 post(s)/month

3. Patrick Grünauer

Blogger Bio: Patrick Grünauer is an IT trainer and IT system administrator. He enjoys preparing training materials on IT, in particular for Windows servers, network technology and IT security.
Blog NameSID-500.COM
Alexa Ranking: 340,346
Status: Active
Post frequency: 15 post(s)/month

4. Mike F Robbins

Blogger Bio:  Mike F. Robbins is a Microsoft Cloud and Datacenter Management MVP for Windows PowerShell. He is the creator of The PowerShell Conference Book, author of PowerShell 101: The No-Nonsense Beginner’s Guide to PowerShell, co-author of Windows PowerShell TFM 4th Edition, and a contributing author of a chapter in the PowerShell Deep Dives book. Mike is also the leader and co-founder of the Mississippi PowerShell User Group.
Blog Name: Mike F Robbins
Alexa Ranking: 351,617
Status: Active
Post frequency: 3 post(s)/month

5. Boe Prox

Blogger Bio: Boe Prox is a SQL Database Administrator and has been using PowerShell since 2008. He is also a recipient of the Microsoft MVP award in Windows PowerShell. He is also a recipient of the Microsoft Community Contributor Award for 2011 and 2012 and is  a moderator on the Hey Scripting Guy forum. He is active both in that forum and in the Windows PowerShell forum as well. He was also a judge for the 2012 & 2013 Scripting Games. Some of his projects are PoshRSJob, PoshWSUS, PoshPAIG and RegEx Helper, which are available at Github.
Blog NameLearn Powershell
Alexa Ranking: 375,521
Status: Active
Post frequency: 1 post(s)/month

6. Carlos Perez

Blogger Bio: Carlos is a Director of Reverse Engineering for a security vendor and he has also worked as an IT Consultant working for a large IT Integrator in the areas of Security, Networking and Virtualization where he covered the region of Central America, Caribbean and Puerto Rico. 
Blog Name: Shell is only the beginning
Alexa Ranking: 432,741
Status: Active
Post frequency: 2 post(s)/month

7. Chrissy LeMaire

Blogger Bio: Chrissy is a Microsoft PowerShell & SQL Server MVP and a proud Cajun, who’s living it up in Belgium, doing systems stuff.
Blog Name: netnerds.net
Alexa Ranking: 514,640
Status: Active
Post frequency: 1 post(s)/month

8. Stephanos Constantinou

Blogger Bio: Stephanos is currently working as a Senior System Administrator. On his blog you can find scripts not only for PowerShell but for Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange On-Premise and Online (Office365) and Microsoft Azure as well.
Blog Name: PowerShell Scripts – Stephanos Constantinou
Alexa Ranking: 613,884
Status: Active
Post frequency: 5 post(s)/month

9. Jonathan Medd

Blogger Bio: Jonathan Medd is a Senior Consultant with Xtravirt based in the UK. He has been working with Windows Infrastructure products since 1997, particularly around Active Directory and Exchange, and most recently virtualisation with VMware products. In 2007 he discovered Windows PowerShell and he spends a lot of time encouraging IT pros he meets to use PowerShell by talking with them, giving presentations to User Groups or via posts on his blog.
Blog Name: Jonathan Medd’s Blog
Alexa Ranking: 635,664
Status: Active
Post frequency: 1 post(s)/month

10. Warren F.

Blogger Bio: Warren is a Systems Engineer with a penchant for PowerShell, science, cooking, information security, family, cookies, and the Oxford comma.
Blog Name: Rambling Cookie Monster
Alexa Ranking: 701,211
Status: Active
Post frequency: 1 post(s)/month

11. Richard Siddaway

Blogger Bio:  Richard is a PowerShell MVP, IT Architect and blogger. His blog is mainly about PowerShell but you can find other things as well.
Blog Name: Richard Siddaway’s Blog
Alexa Ranking: 801,459
Status: Active
Post frequency: 12 post(s)/month

12. Jeffery Hicks

Blogger Bio: Jeffery Hicks is an IT veteran with over 25 years of experience, much of it spent as an IT consultant specializing in Windows server technologies. He works today as an independent author, teacher and consultant. These days his focus is on Windows PowerShell, automation and DevOps.
Blog NameThe lonely adiministrator
Alexa Ranking: 809,004
Status: Active
Post frequency: 3 post(s)/month

13. Lee Holmes

Blogger Bio:  Lee is a Principal Security Architect for Azure Storage, Azure Stack, PowerShell developer and author of the Windows PowerShell Cookbook.
Blog NamePrecision Computing
Alexa Ranking: 911,977
Status: Active
Post frequency: 1 post(s)/month

14. Luc Dekens

Blogger Bio: Luc’s blog will host some of the notes which he thinks could be useful to fellow PowerShell explorers. Most of the initial notes will be about the VMware PowerCLI tool and the vSphere API but notes from other PowerShell areas will surely follow.
Blog NameLucD notes
Alexa Ranking: 1,039,588
Status: Active
Post frequency: 1 post(s)/month

15. Mick Pletcher

Blogger Bio: Mick Pletcher is a Senior System Administrator from Nashville, TN. His blog is here to help solve issues he has encountered and solved, publish scripts he has written, and educate others in understanding areas that are not well covered. It cover many different aspects of IT, but are mainly concentrated on software deployments. 
Blog NameMick’s IT Blogs
Alexa Ranking: 1,046,172
Status: Active
Post frequency: 1 post(s)/month

16. Emin Atac

Blogger Bio:  Emin Atac lives in Strasbourg, France. He has started this blog exclusively devoted to Powershell to show how to take advantage of it in daily administration tasks.
Blog Namep0w3rsh3ll
Alexa Ranking: 1,083,112
Status: Active
Post frequency: 3 post(s)/month

17. Steve Parankewich

Blogger Bio:  Steve is a professional Systems Analyst/Engineer/Architect working with Windows, Linux and Novell based services. He has created this site to give back to the community of IT professionals. He has always had a passion for automation, and PowerShell has provided the best scripting language available to do this to date.
Blog NamePowerShell Blogger
Alexa Ranking: 1,137,620
Status: Active
Post frequency: 1 post(s)/month

18. Tao Yang

Blogger Bio: Tao Yang is a Microsoft Cloud and Datacenter Management MVP based in Melbourne, Australia. He spends most of my time working on Microsoft technologies. This blog provides a place for him to share my thoughts on various aspect of cloud and data center management.
Blog NameManaging Cloud and Datacenter by Tao Yang
Alexa Ranking: 1,265,804
Status: Active
Post frequency: 2 post(s)/month

19. David Christian

Blogger Bio: David is an IT professional with over a decade of experience. He has a passion for automation and all things PowerShell. Lately this passion has driven him to DevOps, configuration management and large scale private and hybrid cloud environments.
Blog Name OverPoweredShell
Alexa Ranking: 1,326,206
Status: Active
Post frequency: 1 post(s)/month

20. Thomas Rayner

Blogger Bio:  Thomas is a technologist. This blog is a place for him to put complex stuff he figured out so he can refer to it later and is a resource of tips that might help other people.
Blog NameWorking Sysadmin
Alexa Ranking: 1,349,531
Status: Active
Post frequency: 3 post(s)/month

21. Mark Wragg

Blogger Bio:  Mark is a DevOps Engineer based in the UK and he is currently embedded in a development team who are responsible for developing a global enterprise SaaS product. Mark is passionate about automation, DevOps and configuration management and the advantages these concepts can bring to a WinOps-world in ensuring long-term stability and scalability.
Blog NameMark Wragg – Blog
Alexa Ranking: 1,396,383
Status: Active
Post frequency: 1 post(s)/month

22. Chris Goosen

Blogger Bio:  Chris is a Technology Consultant, Microsoft Certified Master (MCM) in Exchange Server 2010 and has been a speaker at Microsoft TechEd in the past. He is very passionate about communication and collaboration technologies, in particular Microsoft Exchange Server.
Blog NameChris’s Blog
Alexa Ranking: 1,553,939
Status: Active
Post frequency: 2 post(s)/month

23. François-Xavier Cat

Blogger Bio:  Francois is a Systems Engineer focusing mostly on Microsoft and VMware technologies. This blog is mainly for the purpose of documenting his day-to-day work and hopefully this blog will help some people and contribute to the IT community.
Blog Name: LazyWinAdmin
Alexa Ranking: 1,646,058
Status: Active
Post frequency: 1 post(s)/month

24. Prashanth Jayaram

Blogger Bio:  Prashanth is a DB Technologist, author, blogger, service delivery manager at CTS, automation expert, Technet WIKI ninja, MVB and powershell geek. 
Blog NameSQL Powershell Blog
Alexa Ranking: 1,703,994
Status: Active
Post frequency: 3 post(s)/month

25. Fredrik Wall

Blogger Bio:  Fredrik is a Senior IT Consultant from Sweden. He is a Co-Founder and organizer of PowerShell User Group Sweden. On his blog you can find articles about PowerShell, Active Directory, Deployment and Client Management.
Blog NameFredrik Wall
Alexa Ranking: 1,790,547
Status: Active
Post frequency: 2 post(s)/month

26. Jason Yoder

Blogger Bio:  Microsoft Certified Trainer specializing in PowerShell and Windows Server/Client. Chief Petty Officer – US Navy
Blog NameJason Yoder, MCT
Alexa Ranking: 1,811,621
Status: Active
Post frequency: 1 post(s)/month

27. Stéphane van Gulick

Blogger Bio:  Stéphane is a Microsoft PowerShell MVP, PowerShell Hero, Founder of the Basel PowerShell UserGroup. He is working as a consultant in Basel and has the chance to work with a lot of different Microsoft technologies such as Configuration Manager, Azure pack, Sharepoint, OS deployment and many more!
Blog NamePowerShell District
Alexa Ranking: 1,900,403
Status: Active
Post frequency: 1 post(s)/month

28. Mike Shepard

Blogger Bio: Mike Shepard is currently a Solutions Architect for a software company focusing on financial institutions. He enjoys coding in PowerShell , Python, and VB.NET.
Blog NamePowerShell Station
Alexa Ranking: 1,986,900
Status: Active
Post frequency: 2 post(s)/month

29. Don Jones

Blogger Bio:  Don Jones is in the information technology (IT) industry. He has written and co-authored a books on PowerShell (six or so at current count), and Microsoft has recognized him with their annual MVP Award since 2003
Blog NameDon Jones
Alexa Ranking: 2,025,198
Status: Active
Post frequency: 4 post(s)/month

30. Max Trinidad

Blogger Bio:  Max Trinidad is from Puerto Rico, has been working with computers since 1979. Throughout many years, he has worked with SQL Server Technologies, provided support to Windows Servers/Client machines, Microsoft Virtualization Technologies, and build some Visual Studio solutions. Max is a Microsoft PowerShell MVP since 2009 (7 yrs) and MVP SAPIEN Technologies 2015.
Blog NameMax Trinidad – The PowerShell Front
Alexa Ranking: 2,030,746
Status: Active
Post frequency: 1 post(s)/month

31. Rob Sewell

Blogger Bio: Rob is a Microsoft Cloud and Data Center Management MVP. He loves automation and he is a big Powershell evangelist.  
Blog NameSQL DBA with A Beard
Alexa Ranking: 2,147,015
Status: Active
Post frequency: 4 post(s)/month

32. Robert van den Nieuwendijk

Blogger Bio:  Robert van den Nieuwendijk is a freelance senior systems engineer with over 30 years of experience in the IT industry. He focusses on VMware vCloud Suite and Microsoft Windows Server. He tries to automate as much of his work as possible using Microsoft PowerShell. 
Blog NameRobert van den Nieuwendijk’s Blog
Alexa Ranking: 2,291,157
Status: Active
Post frequency: 1 post(s)/month

33. Thom Schumacher

Blogger Bio:  Thom is a Devop Contractor for Ercot and Arizona PowerShell Users Group Leader. He finds it very rewarding to help others through sharing knowledge and scripts that he creates.
Alexa Ranking: 2,295,241
Status: Active
Post frequency: 1 post(s)/month

34. Tommy Maynard

Blogger Bio: Tommy Maynard is a Windows PowerShell enthusiast with over 15 years of Information Technology experience. In the last few years it finally feels like Tommy has found his calling within the industry. Luckily for him, Windows PowerShell works right alongside the things he’s been supporting all along — desktops, servers, and other Microsoft technologies. Even non-Microsoft technologies, too. His goal is to help educate and inspire people that work in his industry to embrace PowerShell, and in general, scripting and automation. He’s not a developer or programmer (yet, perhaps); he’s just a Windows System Administrator who understands the importance of learning PowerShell.
Blog Nametommymaynard.com
Alexa Ranking: 2,300,503
Status: Active
Post frequency: 1 post(s)/month

35. Simon Wahlin

Blogger Bio:  Simon is a consultant and Technical Architect, PowerShell Hero and Microsoft MVP. His blog is a place where he can share his notes and experiences.
Blog NameSimon Wahlin
Alexa Ranking: 2,303,607
Status: Active
Post frequency: 1 post(s)/month

36. Prateek Singh

Blogger Bio:  Prateek Singh is a Engineer, author of the book “PowerShell Guide to Python”. His blog is all about PowerShell, Python and Azure.
Blog NameRidicurious
Alexa Ranking: 2,353,065
Status: Active
Post frequency: 3 post(s)/month

37. Rob Pleau

Blogger Bio: Rob is a PowerShell enthusiast, blogger, chapter author in “The PowerShell Conference Book”, TechSnips contributor, and PowerShell + DevOps Summit Speaker. Main goal for his blog is to share knowledge with readers and community and to learn something from them as well.
Blog Nameephos
Alexa Ranking: 2,566,825
Status: Active
Post frequency: 1 post(s)/month

38. Roman Gelman

Blogger Bio: Roman is an Infrastructure Consultant specializing in IT process automation and migration projects in different environments such as VMware vSphere, Microsoft Active Directory/DNS/SQL/Exchange, EMC/NetApp storage systems, IBM server farms, HP blade systems and Linux OS using PowerShell, VBScript, PowerCLI, Perl and bash.
Blog Nameps1code.com – In PowerShell we Trust
Alexa Ranking: 2,585,460
Status: Active
Post frequency: 3 post(s)/month

39. Fabrice Zerrouki

Blogger Bio: Fabrice is Senior Microsoft IIS consultant. Has 20 years of experience in web hosting, Microsoft technologies specialist but passionate by all the new and powerfull technologies, so open source too.
Blog NamePS Fab:\> PowerShell blog
Alexa Ranking:  2,604,748
Status: Active
Post frequency: 1 post(s)/month

40. Ravikanth Changanti

Blogger Bio: Ravikanth Changanti lives in Bangalore, India. He is passionate about cloud computing, automation, and various things in technology. At work, he focus on private and hybrid cloud architectures based on Microsoft and VMware technologies. He is a multi-year recipient of Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award in Cloud and Data Center Management.
Blog NameRavikanth Changati – Clouds and Containers
Alexa Ranking: 2,664,723
Status: Active
Post frequency: 1 post(s)/month

41. Deepak Singh Dhami

Blogger Bio:  Deepak is from Bangalore, India. PowerShell MVP 2014-2017, loves PowerShell and Python
Blog NameDexterPOSH’s Blog
Alexa Ranking: 3,346,344
Status: Active
Post frequency: 1 post(s)/month

42. Tim Curwick

Blogger Bio:  Tim Curwick is a Microsoft MVP and the author of the MadWithPowerShell blog. Tips and tricks, tools and techniques, explanations and explorations.
Blog NameMad With PowerShell
Alexa Ranking: 3,456,710
Status: Active
Post frequency: 1 post(s)/month

43. Brandon Olin

Blogger Bio:  Brandon Olin is a Cloud Enterprise Architect with a major outdoor apparel company located in Portland, OR. He has over 18 years experience in IT with his primary areas of focus being Cloud, automation, Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery, Infrastructure as Code, Configuration Management, and championing DevOps practices.
Blog NameDev Black Ops
Alexa Ranking: 4,121,561
Status: Active
Post frequency: 2 post(s)/month

44. Brian Bunke

Blogger Bio:  Brian Bunke is an IT Ops Lead in the Seattle area. On his blog you can find articles about PowerShell and VMware.
Blog NameBrian Bunke
Alexa Ranking: 4,442,099
Status: Active
Post frequency: 2 post(s)/month

45. Irwin Strachan

Blogger Bio:  Irwin Strachan has been in IT some 20 years now. His specialty is Microsoft infrastructure. His blog is mostly about how he used PowerShell to help him with whatever he’s working on at the moment and what he has found useful or recently learned about the program.
Blog Namepshirwin
Alexa Ranking: 4,542,172
Status: Active
Post frequency: 2 post(s)/month

46. Mark Kraus

Blogger Bio:   Mark Kraus is an IT Professional in the Dallas, TX area with two decades of IT related experience. He is currently employed as a Lead IT Solutions Architect for a ~5500 employee telecom company. He attended DeVry University pursuing a B.S. in Networking and Communications Management
Blog NameGet-PowerShellBlog
Alexa Ranking: 4,757,771
Status: Active
Post frequency: 2 post(s)/month

47. Doug Finke

Blogger Bio:  Doug Finke is focused on delivering software faster with more quality, using automation across different platforms and cloud providers.
Blog NameResearching the optimal; implementing the practical
Alexa Ranking: 5,517,665
Status: Active
Post frequency: 1 post(s)/month

48. Mike Kanakos

Blogger Bio: Mark is an IT pro located in the Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina. He has spent his career supporting all flavors of Window operating systems from Windows 95 till today. On his blog you can find about PowerShell, Active Directory, Azure AD, automation and others topics that sysadmins deal with every day.
Blog NameNetwork Admin
Alexa Ranking: 6,318,445
Status: Active
Post frequency: 1 post(s)/month

49. Jeremy Murrah

Blogger Bio: Jeremy Murrah is an old OPS guy from the dark ages of computing. He started automating NT 4.0 installations and hasn’t looked back. Classically trained as an Active Directory Administrator and Windows Engineer, he is currently engrossed in all things PowerShell and is eagerly awaiting the death of the GUI.
Blog Namemurrahjm.github.io
Alexa Ranking: 8,808,950
Status: Active
Post frequency: 1 post(s)/month

50. Graham Beer

Blogger Bio:  Graham Beer is an Infrastucture Engineer, PowerShell Developer, WinOps and Automation
Blog Name${Graham Beer} = ‘blog’
Alexa Ranking: 12,946,699
Status: Active
Post frequency: 1 post(s)/month

51. David das Neves

Blogger Bio: David das Neves is a former software developer, has been working for Microsoft as a Premier Field Engineer and works now at Google Germany as a Google Program Manager. In his daily tasks he works primarily with enterprise customers to leverage the power of the Google Cloud Platform and to help them transforming their businesses. Besides his work, he writes books, blog articles, organizes user groups, and speaks at conferences and other events all over the world.
Blog NamePower in the shell
Alexa Ranking: 16,692,588
Status: Active
Post frequency: 1 post(s)/month

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