BI performance counter: Total partitions – Indexes

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ProcessIndexes relates to dimension, cube, measure group, and partition. In partitions, ProcessIndexes builds the aggregation data and bitmap indexes.

This performance counter relates to the measurement of Analysis Services processing of indexes for MOLAP data files and it monitors the total amount of partitions processed. The total amount of partitions processed refers to both successfully and unsuccessfully processed partitions.

Resolved by

DBAs, Server administrators, BI developers

Suggested solutions

  1. Do a Process Data and Process Index separately instead of a Process Full, as it reduces the stress on the server
  2. When creating hierarchies, you should make as many of them natural as possible
  3. Reduce the number of attributes in the dimensions
  4. Manage partitions using the free tool, SSAS Partition Manager
  5. You must ensure that the processing query that populates the temporary partition does not duplicate any data already present in an existing partition

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