Manjuke Fernando

Manjuke Fernando

Manjuke Fernando

I have been working in IT industry for more than 10+ years and have experience in the full development life-cycle especially using Microsoft Technologies.

However working as a Senior Database Developer for the past 5 years had allowed me to work more closely with SQL Server Development & Administration and gave me the opportunity to dive deep into the SQL Server and its features.

My current role involves architecture and building a variety of data solutions, providing database maintenance and administration support, building the organization’s data practice, and training and mentoring peers while allowing me to pursue my passion which is to write about things I work with and talking about it.

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Manjuke Fernando

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Native JSON Support in SQL Server 2016

January 6, 2017 by

With the introduction of SQL Server 2016, Microsoft introduced many new features which had taken SQL Server another step forward and they made sure that it stands in front among many major Relational Database Systems.

One such feature which has been lacking but desperately required was the native support towards JSON.

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