Prashanth Jayaram

Database Backup and Restore process in SQL Server – series intro

July 26, 2018 by

It’s a time to turn the corner from “DBA” to “DBA specialist”. This in-depth guide explores the importance of database backup-and-restore features and skills you’ll need to build good backup-and-restore strategies using the available tools and techniques. Along the way, you’ll pick up some interesting insights and most of the concepts of database backup and restore procedures.

Ready to dive-deep into Backup-and-Restore procedures? Let’s go!

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Ahmad Yaseen

SQL Server indexes – series intro

June 29, 2018 by


In this series, we will dive deeply in the SQL Server Indexing field, starting from the surface by understanding the internal structure of the SQL Server tables and indexes, going deeper by describing the guidelines and best practices that we can follow to design the most efficient index and what operations can be performed on the created indexes. Having these knowledges about the SQL Server indexes, we have all the tools that help us in testing the lower part of the ocean and dive deeper with the two main types of the SQL Server Indexes; the Clustered and Non-Clustered, and the other types of indexes that can be customized to serve us improving your environment. After that, the adventure becomes more interesting when learning how to use this knowledge to tune the performance of our queries and touch the bottom of the ocean. In our way back to the surface, and before celebrating our achievements, we will collect statistical information about these indexes and use this information to maintain the indexes to take benefits from it continuously and gain the best application performance.

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Shawn Melton

Learning PowerShell and SQL Server – Introduction

April 23, 2018 by


This article is the first step among many that I hope will help give you a foundation of knowledge to get started utilizing PowerShell. The focus in these steps will be specific to using PowerShell with SQL Server, but I have to cover some of the basic things. Which once you grasp the basics of PowerShell and using it, in a general sense, you set yourself up for easily learning how to use it with other products.

In this article I’m going to touch on the following items:

  • History Lesson (short reference for a timeline on releases)
  • Windows PowerShell vs PowerShell Core
  • SQL Server and PowerShell (as it is today)
  • Terminology (some terms that help to understand)
  • PowerShell Editors

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Prashanth Jayaram

An overview of the process of SQL Server backup-and-restore

March 1, 2018 by

In a manner of speaking, planning and implementing a SQL Server backup design is an art. Backup, Restoration, Recovery, Business Continuity Plans (BCP), and Disaster Recovery (DR) are different phases of data revolving around the discussions involving data backup. In other words, it’s about how we ensure to retain the business data through any sort of situation that’s thrown at us.

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